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Are you looking to advance your career to the next level? An MBA is one of the most demanded postgraduate degree programs in India. More than 5,00,000 students enroll in MBA programs in India each year, which is increasing yearly. An MBA from a reputed university can open up opportunities and take your career up several notches. You can choose one of the best value MBA programs in India from the several specializations available.

If you can decide on the right specialization early on, it will help you gain a competitive edge and garner added benefits over the years. Traditionally, finance, sales & marketing, HR, operations, and entrepreneurship have been some of the most sought-after MBA programs in India and are considered the safest by many students. However, as time passes, business needs have evolved drastically, especially in the post-COVID era. As a result, greater emphasis is being placed on MBA programs such as digital marketing, agri-business, business analytics, risk management, sustainability management, rural health, e-business, etc.

In today’s job market, the supply-demand gap of trained professionals is either unaddressed or wrongly approached. With faster-than-ever evolving technologies and the ensuing change in consumption trends, we need new-age trained professionals to re-configure business processes. To address this transformation, even the global higher education trendline is moving from general to specialized programs. There is no wonder that with an MBA degree, you are poised to accomplish a lot in life that may not otherwise be possible with any ordinary degree. And while there are industry specializations for nearly every field, it also makes it an overwhelming decision to choose the right one out of many. Each has its merits, and you can have a hard time deciding, but you need to boil down to the one best suited to your interests and skills while keeping in mind the career prospects for the future. To fuel growth and fulfill your dreams, doing just any MBA program may no longer suffice.

Best Value MBA Programs in India Today

While traditional two-year MBA courses are top-rated, short-term executive PGDM courses have recently gained traction because they expose you to real-life business situations and help you leverage business networking opportunities. In addition, colleges are increasingly providing varied specializations that prepare students to harness particular skills in the niche they are most keen towards. For example, Prestige University helps you develop a strong business foundation before dwelling into the best value MBA programs for strategy, from Business Analysis, Logistics and Supply Chain Management to Data Analytics, AgriBusiness, E-Business, and Sustainability Management.

With the constantly changing technology, multiple companies are constantly looking for talented professionals from top-ranked MBA colleges. To ensure you’re aware of your options before you make the coveted decision, we have prepared a list of the most in-demand MBA programs in India you can consider choosing in 2022-23.

1. MBA in Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

As we continue with the growth of the digital revolution, more and more traditional methods of analyzing data are evolving. From big companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Nike to the supermarket near you, everyone is harnessing the power of data in one way or the other, leading to a rise in the demand for data analyst professionals, which will continue to advance at a burgeoning pace. Business Intelligence professionals provide data-driven recommendations to help support and bridge the gap between information technology and business. Both these professions require a strong understanding of data, statistics, maths, and computer science. Those interested in augmenting their understanding of this challenging field should opt for this specialization. The program covers data infrastructure, testing, data visualization, data science, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and decision-making through interactive case studies, independent assignments, group work, and lectures around real-life business problems.

2. MBA in Sustainability Management

Businesses have evolved from society and hence cannot be distinguished from it. The need for Sustainable managers has grown steadily over the last decade, elevating environmental concerns and stringent government policies. However, there is a shortage of managers who can actively support an organization’s long-term goals and resilience through cost savings and lowered risks. To home and creative professionals who can work on today’s complex challenges, embedding sustainability in an organization’s different functions and verticals from all perspectives: economic, social, and environmental, has become paramount. Hence, an MBA in Sustainability Management helps equip students with the intellect to nurture in a resource-sensitive world amid scaling competition and concern for sustainable development. This top-ranked program covers fundamental sustainability concepts, climate change, sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility, strategies for sustainable business, natural ecosystems, community living, and accounting for sustainability. These help students recognize and appreciate the varied challenges, needs, and ways of addressing the long-term viability of businesses through proper management and optimization of resources without compromising on long-term profitability and competitiveness.

3. MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain

The logistics and supply chain industry has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. Supply chain management is a cross-functional activity of an organization that requires a broad understanding of business strategy and relationship management in supply networks. Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the core pillars of a business, and an MBA specialization in this field is an ideal choice for students who want to run a business efficiently and profitably. It is one of the most sought-after MBA programs in India that produce professionals who form the backbone of an organization’s day-to-day operations. These professionals are instrumental in rendering quality products/services on schedule and at an optimum cost.

With global resilient supply chains becoming an essential part of today’s business, extracting competitiveness and increasing sustainability for an organization from its supply networks calls for particular skills, competencies, and special tools for exploring and managing global supply networks. In this program, students study supply strategies, global sourcing challenges, and the development of purchasing and supply chains. In addition, students are exposed to the different elements of supply strategies and factors of interaction in supply networks. The MBA degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Prestige University provides expertise in strategic supply and supplier management and corresponds to the growing needs of today’s changing business.

4. MBA in Food & Agribusiness

A career in Food & Agribusiness opens doors to a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to, farming, retail marketing, consulting, real estate, and food processing. It encompasses a significant number of lucrative careers nationally as well as internationally. It is ideal for candidates with a background in agriculture, food engineering/technology, and Agri engineering and a graduate in agriculture science or biotechnology. Those keen on agriculture and allied businesses can also pursue this MBA specialization for working professionals in India with promising and high growth prospects. Students enrolled in this program take an integrative approach to different business disciplines and functions of agribusiness and analyze and solve complex business problems in agribusiness.

5. MBA in E-Business

It can be rightly said that online business has revolutionized the global retail industry today. Owing to this, E-Businesses and contemporary businesses undergoing digital transformations need talent with specialized skills. The demand for digitally skilled non-core IT professionals in India is projected to rise by 1.5 lakh in the next two years. E-Business has been booming despite the Covid-19 uncertainties, with sales and revenue growing manifold. This specialization aims to provide students with extensive knowledge about the differences between carrying out business in a traditional set-up and e-commerce. This helps them amplify their ability to strategically manage online business activities while taking care of the common pitfalls of the industry. Students also develop skills to critically evaluate online business decisions’ consequences from a responsible perspective. As a result, they develop a profound understanding of discipline-specific responsibility issues.

Take the Plunge into Your Managerial Career with Prestige University’s MBA

Regardless of which one of the MBA programs you choose, pursuing an MBA can significantly enhance the success of your career. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re completing the program from a top-ranked and reputed college to reap the maximum benefits. At Prestige University, we are dedicated to providing students with the most recent in-demand skills in close collaboration with the leading corporates and top business schools worldwide. Furthermore, we aim to offer super specialization programs to fill the evident supply-demand gaps. Best MBA programs for leadership fill the demand-supply gap of trained professionals capable of transforming business processes by adapting ever-evolving technologies & consumer preferences.

The MBA programs offered by the university aim to provide widespread access to management education. It provides adequate study materials, video lectures, sufficient doubt-clearing sessions, and regular assessments. As a result, the university is one of the finest management hubs in Central India today, offering industry-relevant and immersive business education for the driven and determined- changemakers who meet unprecedented challenges with unparalleled grit, vision, and accountability.

  • Dynamic Partnerships: Prestige University connects passionate students, expert faculty, and leading organizations to drive innovation and ignite the potential in all by offering diverse perspectives that lead to comprehensive solutions that neither academic nor industry could accomplish in isolation. Prestige University’s partnerships with leading organizations drive innovation, provide thought leadership and infuse academics with the latest insights gained through real-world experience.
  • Real-world learning: Experiential learning is at the core of everything at Prestige University, providing students with robust knowledge and influential networks gained in real-world business environments. There is access to various learning opportunities beyond the classroom to gain deep insights, broad perspectives, and the essential soft skills needed to succeed in business and life.
  • Research-driven solutions: Faculty at Prestige University design game-changing solutions for business and beyond.
  • Experienced faculty: Prestige’s faculty are experienced in several vital areas, spanning leadership for business, business analytics with data science, e-business, and more. They serve as experienced mentors to support graduates’ growth as business leaders.
  • Stay up-to-date: From business analytics to change leadership and industry specializations, Prestige’s best value MBA programs allow students to stay up-to-date with best practices and emerging technologies. In addition, it offers diverse options for entrepreneurs who want to advance their businesses and gain real-world skills.


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