What do we look for in a candidate?

Our Admissions Committee looks for applicants with demonstrated academic excellence, proven personal achievement, and strong self-motivation to make an impact and to inspire, no matter where they are in an organization. We look for evidence of high academic potential, excellent analytical skills, and leadership potential.

How do I apply?

To ease it out, we have laid out the whole admissions process for you; click here https://prestigeuniversity.edu.in/admission/ to know everything about the admission procedure.

When does my academic year start?

The academic year for the founding batch starts on July 03rd.

How my internship looks like at Prestige University?

Internship at Prestige University is a 5-month faculty-administered and scientifically-allocated to offer an immersive work experience and improved visibility, resulting in stronger job candidacy.

What is the last date I can apply for the 2023 session?

Apply before 15th February for round 1 and before 30th June for round 2.

Can I pursue the program through distance learning?

PU embraces comprehensive personality development of the students, so PU does not offer programs via distance learning mode. The intellectual and physical challenges students endure daily at PU are the building blocks of a brighter future.

How are Super Specialization programs different from conventional MBA programs?

Our Super Specialization MBA programs aid in filling the demand-supply gap of trained professionals capable of transforming business processes, adapting ever-evolving technologies & consumer preferences


Is there any hostel facility available for me?

Yes, hostels are available for the students.

What would be the fees for the program?

The fees for the super specialization course would be approximately 5.5 lakhs for one year.

What is unique about my curricula?

Pursuing research in their fields of interest, industry partners act as consultants and advisors to our university. Many hold directorships in various organizations or, in some cases, run their businesses. These activities help to maintain the practical relevance of the university’s teaching and research and curate industry-relevant curricula.

Who will be my faculty?

The acclaimed faculty are professionals from esteemed universities such as IIM-Indore, IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Calcutta, IFMR, NIIT, and IIM-Ranchi, possessing ample exposure and excellent academic expertise.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here. Whom can I contact?

For more information, contact us at 1800-843-4546 or email us at admissions@prestige.ac.in.

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