Sustainability Management

Every business is sensing a need for a sound understanding of sustainability and people having specialized skills for it.


Increase in Clean-Energy jobs in India between 2014 and 2019

‘Powering Jobs Growth with Green Energy’ by CEEW, NRDC and SCGJ | July 2019

3 Million

Projected number of jobs in the renewable sector by 2030 in India through a shift to a green economy

‘Skill for Green Jobs in India’ by International Labor Organization(ILO) | 2018


Bussinesses are confident that they have the skills to compete successfully in a modern sustainable economy
Research by Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment(IEMA);appeared in Edie Newsroom in 2015

for Junior Managers
Strategy On-Ground Execution
2-Year Program

Why MBA in Sustainability Management at PU?

Sustainability management | Prestige University |

To create professionals who can work on today’s pressing need — embedding sustainability in every function and vertical of an organization from all perspectives: economical, social, and environmental.

Sustainability Management | Prestige University |

Enable Sustainable

Sustainability Management | Prestige University |

Design processes
with Eco-Innovation

Sustainability Management | Prestige University |

Lead Organizations
on the Sustainability Front

The application of the program serves up diverse sectors such as
NBFCs, Start-ups, CSR, Project Management, Waste Management in a Manufacturing plant

Build domain expertise in the last 2 terms by opting in for one of

the 3 specialization tracks

How would you learn?

The program is fortified with a carefully designed pedagogy consisting—
lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, and project work.


Mentorships at PU bring agility, and high-value culture to the programs and the research agendas, to stay in line with the ever-changing global landscape.

Industry Mentor

Partnership | Prestige University |

Mahindra & Mahindra

Industry - Automotive
Ranked No. 2 as India's Best Companies to Work for 2021

Academia Mentor

Partnership | Prestige University |

Mr. Santhosh Jayaram

Former Partner,
KPMG India

Partnership | Prestige University |

Professor Howard Apsan

Adjunct Professor - International & Public Affairs,
City University of New York

Our Faculty

Employment Scope of a Sustainability Professional

As per Skill for Green Jobs reports in India by the International Labor Organization the renewable sector jobs will see a projected growth of 3 million jobs by 2030 in the country.

Businesses evolve from society and hence cannot be separated from it. With increasing environmental concerns and stringent government policies, the need for Sustainable managers in organizations has grown at a rapid pace. There is always a demand for managers who can support an organization’s long-term success and resilience through cost savings and minimized risks.

Salary scope of Sustainability Professional

the median salary of a Sustainability Professional in India is approximately


about 5 years in the sector the remuneration can go up to as much as


while the most experienced in the field can easily make up to


Fees & Return of Investment

Every investment seeks good returns hence, being a management student the fact becomes more important for you to analyze and interpret. The following calculation does not truly capture the career earning potential of a Sustainability Professional.

Tution Fee
| Prestige University |
hostel & mess
| Prestige University |
other living
expenses approx.
| Prestige University |
| Prestige University |
Executive Program

for Mid-Level Managers
Strategy Formulation
3-6 months

Coming soon
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Tailored Executive Program

for CXOs & Board Members
Vision Drafting
3-7 days

Coming soon
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