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An MBA has the values that make it superior to other courses and has broad scopes and job prospects. With rapid industrialization and growing business needs, MBA in E-Business scope has been increasing daily. The world has witnessed the rise of e-business giants in the past decade, and India is no exception. India currently has one of the fastest-growing IT sectors in the global market, which ensures graduates a guarantee of employment in several sectors. In addition, there is the presence of homegrown e-commerce businesses in India not only at the national level but also at the state or regional levels.

The e-business sector has been increasing in India, and it needs skilled professionals to work to support it. Hence, MBA in E-Business is touted to drive growth in the economy. Besides, E-Business has given rise to creative industries such as OTT streaming.

There are several benefits to pursuing a career in e-business management. It helps you initiate change, adapt, and prepare for various business environments. E-business management is an excellent option that proffers the foundation to become a successful business manager. In its demand-supply analysis 2020 report, NASSCOM projected that the demand for digitally skilled non-core IT professionals in India is set to rise by 1.5 to 120,000-150,000 by 2024. 

Online business revolutionized the retail industry, with sales and revenue growing manifold. However, like traditional businesses undergoing digital transformation, E-Business requires specialized skills. According to the Digital Talent Gap by Capgemini & LinkedIn, 54% of organizations believe the digital talent gap is hampering their digital transformation programs.

What is the MBA in E-Business Program?

MBA in E-Business is a specialized professional program that aims to give candidates insights into how electronic means, such as the internet, database management, etc. ar,e changing traditional businesses work. As a student, you not only learn and evaluate how these tools work, how they affect consumers, and how such tools can be improved, but you also learn the management side of the issue. You also learn to integrate these tools with accounting and finance, business analytics, marketing, advertising, and consulting.

MBA in E-Business provides candidates with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to handle most challenges faced by the online sector ranging from improper competitor analysis to mismanagement of customer information. In addition, the program discusses the different elements of E-Business, how E-Business renovation is driving growth and helping new sectors gain prominence, E-business tools in good governance, the E-Business model, and much more.

What are the Benefits of E-Business Management?

There are several benefits to choosing an MBA in E-Business program for post-graduation. Some of the main advantages provided by the program are:

  1. Due to the increasing popularity of online business and e-commerce, most businesses need individuals with specialized knowledge in the fields of Business Management, Strategic Marketing, Operational Research, and Targeted Online Advertising.
  2. Companies offering goods and services are turning to e-commerce as a viable sales and marketing method. As a result, graduates can choose from several Industries according to their interests and preference.
  3. Another significant advantage E-Business professionals enjoy is the significant rise in the use of mobile applications by everyday individuals. This results in a whole new set of jobs and opportunities in the market.
  4. Heightened government interest in this field comes as an added advantage. There are currently several government schemes and aid programs in India that aim to promote this sector.
  5. One of the most popular opportunities availed by graduates of this course is to work in one of the many MNCs currently situated in India or abroad. Due to the worldwide spread of the Internet, with many previously unreached markets becoming available, there is high demand abroad for individuals skilled in E-Business.
  6. It is essential to become aware of the global nature of e-commerce and how traditional means of doing business must adapt to the electronic age changes.

An MBA in E-Business aims to help students understand and learn the basic concepts of creating new e-business activities and transforming existing models into e-business ones. It provides students with the requisite skills to apply these concepts in the real world to increase the output and efficiency of the related processes. In addition, it focuses on helping professionals understand the critical concepts of E-Business, like the development of intranets & extranets, security of transactions, database management, web designing, supply chain management, etc. 

By providing students with the fundamental knowledge required of business practices, including marketing, customer relations, formulating business strategies, management, and finance, the program helps them learn how to rewrite all these business skills online.

What are the Career Options after MBA in E-Business?

After completing an MBA in E-Business, you are eligible for entry-level jobs in various sectors. Private e and public enterprises are looking for skilled candidates. Some of the popular job profiles include E-Business Consultant, Customer Relation Manager, Website Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Database Administrator, Advertising & Promotion Manager, Online Stores Owner, E-Commerce Strategist, Online Marketing Manager, Business Information Developer, E-Commerce Support Analyst, Database Marketing Manager, and many more.

What is the Future Scope of E-Business in India?

By Forbes, almost 28% of small businesses are taking their business online. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores see a drastic change with the rapid shift toward online transactions. An MBA in E-business equips candidates to handle the responsibilities of these jobs.

The MBA in E-Business scope is extensive, and after pursuing the management program, you can try for many opportunities across different fields anywhere in the world. You can also enhance your educational qualification and avail of promotions during your career. Moreover, you can opt for further higher studies like M.Phil. and Ph.D.. MBA in E-Business management is growing as a popular next-gen course as online businesses and e-entrepreneurship are booming rapidly.

The growth of mobile and tablet devices implies that the number of businesses exploring new ways of making money online is also escalating. With the rapid penetration of the Internet into third-world countries and mobile phones growing as a new medium of commerce on a massive scale, the specialization of MBA in E-Business is set to grow.

 Getting Started in the Field

If you want to take on some demanding yet attractive tasks and get into the field of E-Business, there are several ways to prepare for a challenging and attractive job. Prestige University offers a master’s degree in E-Business designed to help students acquire the skills employers seek. This program provides students with a favorable opportunity to participate in collaborative and experiential learning opportunities to gain practical experience before graduation. Inspiring, challenging, and full of surprises, E-business careers continue for MBA graduates. In addition, prestige University helps prepare you for the world of social media marketing and e-business by offering:

  • Access to expert and faculty lectures that draw from real-world experience
  • Diverse perspectives that lead to comprehensive solutions that neither academics nor industry could accomplish alone
  • Partnerships with leading organizations that help drive innovation provide thought leadership and infuse academics with of-the-moment insights gained through real-world experience
  • Access to an array of learning opportunities beyond the classroom to gain deep expertise, broad perspectives, and the requisite soft skills needed to succeed in business life
  • Unlimited networking opportunities
  • Application in diverse sectors such as Product Management, IT firms, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Analysts Firms
  • Carefully designed pedagogy consisting of lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, and project work
  • Mentorships that bring agility, and high-value culture to the programs and the research agendas, to stay in line with the ever-changing global landscape

Accelerate your career in the dynamic business world with Prestige University’s MBA in E-Business program. Enroll today!

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